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World Conference on International Telecommunications

November 27, 2012

ITU will be holding WCIT starting on December 3 in Dubai, UAE. The main purpose of the Conference is to review the International Telecommunications Regulation, adopted in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia, signed by 178 countries. ITR is a treaty level international instrument and this is the reason of the high expectation around it from all the telecom ecosystem worldwide.

ITRs establish general principles for the provision and operation of international telecommunications and facilitate global interconnection and interoperability.

The main topics the discussions will be about are: Roaming, Taxation, Cybersecurity, Spam, Network Management, Internet, Quality of Service, Right to Communication, among others.

As of today we have different positions not only from Administrations, regional groups, international organizations, the Internet Community, the operators associations, academia, etc.,  but also from organizations such as Green Peace and others no traditionally involved in telecom and ITU, even when in principle the issues would seem more like kind of technical.

There will be  almost 2,000 high level delegates from all around the world, some delegations with more than 100 specialists discussing for two weeks and taking decisions about the future of Telecom.

We will be reporting and commenting on the next days and providing a neutral approach about the most important telecom meeting on the past and coming years.


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